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February 11, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

It's been a hard past few days and I've had news to share but didn't want to share it because I didn't want to dilute the importance of what's happening to our people right now. 

Gerald Stanley the white farmer was convicted by his all white jury in the racist judicial system of Canada. A country I don't recognize as my own and I don't want my children to recognize as their own either.

I cried all night when the verdict came in, I cried watching the family cry. My heart broke and when I woke up it was still so broken. I had the opportunity to both capture and take part in the Colten Boushie Vigil in Vancouver.

I brought my family with me. As always my husband quietly supports the people by taking the stance of a warrior, not saying much but standing in prayer and strength for the people that need it. 

My daughter walked around the crowds, sang, protested, and comforted the grieving. In our teachings we always take care of a grieving family. After all that has happened we are ALL grieving, so her feeding the crowd was our way to comfort the people in the only ways we knew how. It was to send a message that no matter what we will take care of our own.

My son Skookamina my little warrior in training, literally in training. Stood and drummed and sang and walked with the people. Skook also has a powerful voice, he is not afraid to tell people what is right and what is not. This is why my husband and I choose to actually train him to be a real Warrior. He has the heart to protect the people, he has the voice to speak to injustice, and he has the bravery he needs to carry it out. 
After the Colten Boushie verdict and the heart and gut wrenching anger and rage that has risen from this it makes our decision to move back to the land that much more important. We don't want our babies to be next, we want them to honour the memory of our stolen brothers and sisters by growing up to be a voice for the generations to come.

It is our duty as parents to guide our children to be who the Creator meant for them to be. This is an old way of life, an old teaching. 

If we don't fight for our land it gets taken, if we don't fight for our children they are taken, if we don't fight for our all the Colten Boushies and Tina Fontaines then they will be taken. It is time to STOP talking about Reconciliation. It is not happening. I don't know if Canada is capable of having a honest relationship with our people. 

One thing I heard over and over at the Vigil for Colten is, "What will you do? What will you do to continue to fight for our children in a real way?" and my choice to move to the land is what I am going to do. I am responsible for bringing up my children in a way that will only serve the betterment of our Nation. We don't need to reconcile anything, as far as I'm concerned we need to have a resurgence of teachings and ways of living. 



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