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She will say "Q'sapi"

January 31, 2018  •  2 Comments

I'll remember to tell her,

I'll remember to tell her that because you did nothing that she will need to continue to walk the streets in pairs, and always looking over her shoulder.

I'll remember to tell her to make sure she's not "asking for it" in all her actions or the way she dresses.

I'll remember to tell her that the odds of coming home alive are stacked against her because her skin is the perfect hue of  Syilx tones.

She'll also need to remember that should she ever drink or smoke that most likely that is what will make headlines, before her Killers name.

Oh and the media will lead others to believe that your worthless for it- it wouldn't be the murderers fault.

I'll tell her to remain invisible so she doesn't fall prey to the perpetrator, who will undoubtedly be slapped on the wrist anyways.

After all his needs are stronger than this worlds need for your life, love, and contributions.

Stay invisible my dear, do not draw attention to yourself.

I'll remember to tell her to give her grandmothers teachings away so that she will remain alive and "the good little invisible Indian girl".

She will not listen though.

She inherited her grandmothers strength that will make your attempts to strike look feeble at best.

She will rewrite the words you use against us, our women, our men, our children,

She will say "Q'sapi", "A long time ago...", to tell her children of your attempts to continue the genocide.

She will see to it that no longer will your privilege be stroked,

She will laugh louder than your delicate efforts to comfort the fragility of your people with racist Headlines.

To my beautiful daughter,

do not be invisible,

be ferocious,

my love.



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You are so welcome! #protectoursisters
I have two daughter and I have so many sisters . Thank you for this .
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