Syilx Images | About

Kelsie is a Syilx woman from the Okanagan Territory in BC. She was born and raised on the Okanagan Indian Band. She and her husband, Mario, share 5 children together and are raising their family in Vancouver, BC. Kelsie has established her photography business out of a passion for the art.

She is both artistic and creative and has a need to express Indigenous empowerment through her photography and creative works.

Kelsie's work is deep rooted in her responsibility to reclaim her Syilx and Secwepmwc culture that was so carefully preserved by her Ancestors. Like so many other Indigenous people her ability to express that responsibility is best said through art, it is a way that her true selves recognize.

The work Kelsie does is a way to share and communicate the power of Indigenous resiliency, spirit, and blood memories: Expressions of resurgence through visual liberation.

Artistic expressions is the best way our spirits can remember our true selves prior to contact. The work Kelsie does reflects that expression.